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What's the next step in your career?

The summer can provide us with a welcome opportunity to take a well-earned break and enjoy some sunshine. The lazy summer evenings can also lead us to take stock on life and muse on the future.

    • Where do I want to go with my career?
    • How can I get back into work?
    • Can I really change my life and career and do what I’ve always wanted to do?

From an employer perspective, investing in the development of staff can give a real boost to your business, as a more highly-skilled staff can be the ideal source of ideas for doing things cheaper, better and quicker, and innovating within your business.

To fulfil those aspirations, linking up with your local college and undertaking some form of study, whether an unaccredited training course, an evening class, a professional certification or gaining an academic vocational qualification, is a great starting point.

Colleges offer an comprehensive range of part-time, flexible vocational courses covering virtually all possible career options, from ‘tasters’ and entry level courses to higher level qualifications. Whether you’re considering an apprenticeship, a part-time HNC or Foundation Degree, or even an introductory evening class, your local college should be your first port of call to fulfil your aspirations.

To see how your local college can help have a look at NE Skills Engine and NE Career Engine to see the range of courses that can help you move forward.

Here are a few stories from current learners giving truly valuable insights into what’s really possible, and how your local college can really help you make a difference…

Lee describes how his qualification in Equine Studies has changed his career

Jamie talks about how his qualification has helped him get into working with young people