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Technology in Work

How does digital technology enhance management of the modern workplace?

In a recent survey conducted at the CBI Manufacturing Summit, 82% of businesses agree that digital technology can drive economic growth. Here are some reasons why technology can improve the modern workplace.

Efficiency and increased productivity
Technology has vastly improved our time management and the effort required for everyday tasks. Productivity has been improved, enabling employees to place more emphasis on important aspects such as precision and creativity. Clients and employees are connected on a constant basis and results are expected much faster than ever before.

Increased collaboration
Through technology, communication has been greatly improved in the workplace. We can connect with employees, leaders and colleagues anytime, anywhere. With this increase in collaboration, there is a heightened level of flexibility in communication, allowing employees to facilitate continued partnership no matter where they are. Teamwork is much more engaged and effective.

Improved cost management
Profitability is the key metric for any organisation. Technology plays a key role in streamlining internal processes and employees are able to optimise their time, focusing on more profitable activities. Customised programs that meet the specific needs of a business are becoming more popular as companies engage the services of functional and technology consultants. Innovative office management software can also help managers keep a finger on the pulse of company activity.

Technology enables organisations of all sizes to do business with customers all over the world. Businesses can establish satellite offices in practically any country, as long as Internet access is available. This also enables growth in areas that have been previously deprived of business opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about how technology can enhance your career, this page contains further information about digital leadership and management qualifications at New College Durham.

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