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Understanding complex infrastructure projects

Reviewing the transition from the 20th to the 21st century

The demands of complex infrastructure project management have shown substantial changes in the transition from the 20th to the 21st century.

In the current climate, infrastructures must be environmentally friendly and energy efficient. There is also an increased requirement for secure systems and greater reliance on computer technology and electronics. Technology that is constantly evolving is involved throughout the entire project process, from designing and manufacturing new materials to managing processes and maintenance programmes. Tight legislation in today’s industry means that operators must ensure that their infrastructures conform to tough environmental standards, while maintaining efficiency.

What are the required credentials of complex infrastructure project management?

The project management team must be involved in every step of complex projects, from feasibility and design right through to build and implementation. Project team members must demonstrate considerable expertise and experience in all areas of the project. They work with clients to carry out a full risk analysis and then put in place measures to minimise and manage those risks. They will also carry out full site surveys, producing detailed environmental impact reports on the specific challenges of the site and infrastructure project.

The full lifecycle of complex infrastructure project management

The project management work continues throughout the process with a study of safety and security of operations. Consultants then offer their combined expertise in the fields of embedded systems and command and control systems, with the goal of implementing previous intelligence into the concrete of the infrastructure, ensuring that the core design results in the best possible performance. Experienced teams also have deep expertise in a whole range of technologies, legal frameworks and many different cultures. This allows them to be valued partners in complex infrastructure project management anywhere across the globe.

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