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Frequently Asked Questions

Can colleges help recruit apprentices?

Colleges are an ideal source of apprentices and can help you search and screen potential candidates.

Are Apprenticeships available for my existing staff?

An apprentice doesn’t have to be someone new – one of your current staff could be an ideal candidate for an Apprenticeship. This offers an excellent way to upskill, retrain and nurture the talent you already employ.

Do I have to employ my apprentice?

The simple answer is Yes in most cases. There are exceptions - Apprenticeship Training Agencies (ATAs) employ apprentices and effectively loan them out for their training.

How long does an Apprenticeship last?

Apprenticeships will last for a minimum of 12 months, and depending upon the type of apprenticeship could be up to 4 years where the role requires particularly high levels of specialist skills. The length of programme would typically be negotiated between you and the college, with the views of the apprentice sought where appropriate.

What happens if I haven’t got the time to train someone for a while?

A college will work with you to ensure that an appropriate training programme is provided for an apprentice. Inevitably a business has peaks and troughs in terms of workload and may encounter some staff turnover, but there is considerable flexibility within an Apprenticeship programme to manage these situations.

What happens if an apprentice leaves before the end of their Apprenticeship?

If this does happen, the college would help the apprentice to complete their Apprenticeship elsewhere and at the same time seek to find you a replacement.

What if I can’t find anyone suitable for my Apprenticeship?

A college can advise you on how to attract more people to your Apprenticeship vacancy.

Is there an upper age limit for the person I recruit or train as an apprentice?

No. This recognises that many people will have to adapt their skills during the course of their working lives and an Apprenticeship will often be the best route to achieving this.

Is there a lot of paperwork?

Apprenticeships don’t require too much paperwork from your perspective, unless you deliver some of the training yourself, however, the college will help with all aspects of Apprenticeship documentation.

What happens at the end of the Apprenticeship?

This is a great achievement by both you and your apprentice, and should be recognised. After a year or more of training, most people are keen to do more and want to continue to develop. They have the potential to go further with your guidance and support. They can be even more productive for you. Many apprentices completing an Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeship progress to undertake Higher Apprenticeships and there are a growing number of opportunities for progression, indeed Degree Apprenticeships are also now available. The college will be able to offer advice on the different options available.

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