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Cyber Security Foundation Degree at Newcastle College

As more and more of our personal, and our business lives move online, cyber security becomes an increasingly pressing concern for many. There is a constant power play between those working to enhance security and those looking to break through it so it is important that those working on the side of good keep the upper hand.

One of the key problems faced by businesses in this sector is finding suitably skilled employees, and then keeping their knowledge up to date as technologies change. Traditional classroom training can be slow to adapt to new techniques but SME employers often don’t have the resources, or the time, to develop bespoke courses for the skills they need.

NE Skills Engine wants to help these businesses by facilitating conversations between employers and training providers. Groups of similar businesses, working in unison, will have greater leverage and can pool resources to create training that meets the needs of this rapidly changing industry.

Newcastle College is working with a variety of industry groups and employers including Dynamo North East, The North East Cyber Security Business Cluster, Security Risk Management Ltd and Verrimus, to develop a Foundation Degree in Cyber Security. They believe a blended delivery approach, that combines both work based and classroom learning, will be highly beneficial to the region’s digital businesses.

They are now looking to talk to other relevant businesses about the offering. Participating organisations will have the opportunity to contribute to course development by explore the knowledge and skills required and offering feedback on emerging solutions.

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