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Engineering and Manufacturing at New College Durham

Engineering and Manufacturing are cornerstones of the North East economy. We retain a strong variety of business covering everything from traditional manufacturing to cutting edge industries such as sub-sea.

But whatever the variances of these companies, a common thread is the lack of relevant skills within the workforce. For many this can have a serious impact on their profitability and growth, so bridging the gap is a core aim of the NE Skills Engine project. We are encouraging employers from all types of manufacturing and engineering to come together and work with training providers to develop the courses that will upskill their current workforce and ensure there is a pool of suitably skilled employees for the future.

HNCs and HNDs are common training routes for many in the Engineering Manufacturing sector when looking to obtain higher level workplace skills. However, the Higher Apprenticeship route can mean learners study a wider range of underpinning knowledge, and achieve a broader set of skills than they would by studying a single course.

New College Durham is currently engaging with a number of local companies to establish the foundations for this new training route. They are eager to talk to other businesses in the sector to ensure the final course is a true fit for needs and provides real benefits for employers and employees alike.

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